Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wriggling otters and lots of flying things...

A great day at Stanley Park last Saturday - took part in the Bioblitz:

- 'Seining' the sea, caught mini 'butter sole' and perch.  But distracted by the glitzy display put on by the three river otters seen the previous week.  Watched them for 20 minutes playing in the sea and catching a HUGE flounder!  Mum otter took the lion's share and the kits got the scraps at the end, maybe she's trying to persuade them to stop playing and start fishing?  See 1 minute video (you might want to turn off the sound unless you want to hear me wittering!)

- Watched an incredibly dedicated volunteer catch and ring Anna's and Rufus hummingbirds; they live and migrate all along the Pacific coast; Mexico to Canada, who'd have thought? [Hummingbird is in the little mini blanket on the table]

- 'Helped' some slightly less skilled volunteers net bats along Beaver Creek, lots of bats but all a bit traumatised in nets...

- Then tried to attract owls with an ipod full of owl calls and some speakers.  Worked a treat with 2 barred owls flying in to find out whether they could fight off the interloper... luckily didn't swoop too low.  

Next wildlife opp is to kayaking on Clayoquot Sound on the western side of Vancouver Island where spending the weekend with Mark's parents.  Will update following that! 

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