Saturday, 20 August 2011

Golden ears and bear impersonations

Have now got a job working at the British Columbian Law Society as a membership person.  Pay is much better than for 'fun' jobs and the people seem nice, most importantly everybody leaves at 5pm which is very exciting!  To celebrate last few days of freedom (start on Monday) drove to Golden Ears provincial park and hiked 22km return to Alouette Peak. 

Gorgeous sunny day although spent 95% of the walk in thick forest (some old growth with enormous trees).  Pretty steep in places and a LOT of snow near the top - a lot of trails in North Vancouver are still closed due to snow from last winter.  They only have a couple of months to thaw out before it snows again!

Climb totally worth it for the amazing views from the peak, see below.  Hard to believe it's only 1 hour drive from downtown Vancouver!

Having just read books on grizzly bears, cougars and wolves, did spend a lot of time looking over my shoulder and shouting 'hey bear'.  Very near the car park at the end, I had thought the two women in 'sneakers' and hot pants had heard me approach behind them.  When I was within about 2 metres I was just about to say 'excuse me' to overtake when they simulataneously stopped, turned round and let out the most almighty screams!  They were convinced my thudding feet were a bear, and as the trail was pretty steep I was quite high above them, also carrying my 'anti cougar' stick so looked a bit threatening.  Being a mini person not sure I have ever scared anyone before so I also screamed - but note to self: do NOT do this if encounter real bear myself!

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