Monday, 15 August 2011

Weekend of kayaking with eagles and seals

Had an awesome weekend kayaking up a fjord on eastern edge of North Vancouver; Indian Arm.  Teamwork properly kicked in and managed to paddle pretty much in unison in our double kayak for two days, with only occasional regulation of my paddle speed by Mark, and only occasional correction of his steering by me. 

Hot and sunny on day one, overcast on day two, but clouds did allow a magical first couple of hours on the second morning on very still waters watching nesting bald eagles and harbour seals (no piccies I'm afraid as not quick enough with the removal of cheap camera from dry bag and quite far away). 

Only slightly weird part was that the campsite at the top of the fjord (accessibly only by water by mainly kayakers, canoeists and a few motor boats) seemed to be hosting an impromptu full moon party complete with competing stereo systems (soft rock and trance) till 3.30am, cranking up again at 6.30am.  Seems North Vancouverites might be a bit starved of party venues.  Despite the whole campsite looking like the 'naughty campsite' on the bear posters, no furry visitors, although we think we might have heard a cougar across the water (there have been sightings in the area recently...)

So when you come, we'll take you kayaking! 

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