Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flats, jobs and our very own JEEP!

So, we've made quite a bit of progress setting up our life here in North Vancouver (apparently a different city to actual Vancouver):
- All set in our apartment which is starting to feel like home, though still need a little bit more free/thrift store furniture

- Both busy job hunting - second interviews for 6 month to 1 year jobs for both of us next Monday, fingers crossed.  Won't say what yet in case jinxes but definitely office based (more boring but much better paid than 'fun' jobs).  

- Located local climbing wall and running/tri club (no prizes for guessing who found which) and also an amazing local kayaking destination - we are spending the weekend kayaking up Indian Arm, camping up and then returning the next day.  And its only 30 minutes from our house by bus!

- And more fun than any of the above:  We have purchased a massively old school Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Drives really nicely, got a couple of bits to fix which will do tomorrow, then available for weekend adventures.

So we're pretty much set up for visitors, summer or winter (and first arrive next weekend in form of Mark's mum and dad...) 


  1. So lovely to hear about all your updates. What a fab car. Sounds like you did your homework on it (John will be pleased :) Really great to skype soon, what about on a certain someone's big 30th xxx Rach x

  2. Whoop! Keep the info coming my lovely!! Miss you loads. What would Nicola Marshall do?

    Love you xxx Cat Carter xxxx