Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Working at the 'Chateau'

Not sure that anyone who designed or worked at Chateau Whistler has ever actually seen a real chateau - a lot more concrete than you might expect...

We were working at a 'hotel buy out' by a big US insurance firm - 850 well fed Americans became dramatically well fed throughout the week with really staggering quantities of v nice food and drink.  Two nights were outside lakeside dinners at 'Lost Lake' with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing (as they featured the 'star wars' theme tune it didn't seem aimed at classical music aficionados...) and we got the unwanted fillet steak, scallops and raspberry tarts, so not too bad.

But it did make me realise that I am NOT cut out for any job which involves standing for any period of time, nor that involves hoovering large ballrooms or having to wear a school tie.  Probably a good thing as will have more time for crazy activities. 

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