Wednesday, 10 August 2011

4 bears and counting...

Finished our week working in Whistler with a trip up Blackcomb mountain, across the Peak to Peak Gondola to Whistler mountain and then back down.  

Still lots of snow up high with some of the trekking routes closed due to it (good news for the heli-skiers though) and some great views although pretty touristy (not unexpected).  Most importantly, our chairlift went STRAIGHT OVER a bear who was weirdly fluffy like he'd just been shampooed.  We also saw a fab marmot (though no marmottines Nicky and Adam) posing outside his den.

And after a 5.30am trip to the golf course (where a bear last week stole someone's golf bag and one of the cubs caught trapped in the golf buggy pen) saw a lovely snowshoe hare (not quite the same as a bear, but pretty rare).

Got some good pics which should be posted somewhere on here now...


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