Monday, 15 August 2011

First BEAVER sighting and otters!

Having borrowed a book called 'Wilderness on our doorstep: Wildlife in Stanley park' took myself off post job interviews to the huge park next to downtown Vancouver.  The book said 'beavers used to frequent the park, but now only smaller mammals are seen' so I had no hopes there but did think might see the family of river otters mentioned...
Lo and behold!  Met a former wildlife photographer photographing herons who reported that he hadn't known a beaver live in Stanley Park for years but had seen one last week... and about 30 minutes later one emerged from a beaver lodge!  He chomped on trees for a bit, then swam around the mini island, across the lake and back and disappeared into a creek.  Photo above has him in the very far distance as blob, but mainly is to show proximity of skyscrapers!  Photo opposite is his lodge (the messy pile of sticks and greenery).

Not long after, three river otters emerged (think two were smaller and juvenile) and swam around the shoreline before disappearing up the same creek.  

Needless to say, pretty exciting.  You can see here the otter heads (v poor) but will be back tomorrow evening to see if my rubbishy camera can capture anything better.  

Yet more reasons to visit Vancouver...

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