Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Whirlwind tour of the Western States - the intro

Its hard to know where to start with blogging about our 3 week road trip to ten of the most iconic national parks in the US.   We went from 46 degrees centigrade to below freezing in one day.  We walked on the lowest point in the US, and on snow near one of the highest.  And, obviously my fave part, saw wildlife from a 1 ton bison to 20gram hummingbird, and a bear with a very keen interest in our dinner.  Oh, and we wrote off our car (turns out temperature gauges ARE really important after all...)

Instead of one epic post, I'll divide the trip into posts on each park, check out the sub title if the park names don't mean too much...  WARNING:  I've written some of it as much for us to remember all the good, bad and ugly bits: so some of it is pretty long, feel free to skim and just look at the piccies!

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