Friday, 17 August 2012

The Journey North, final instalment

Despite my innate capacity for witter, in this instance, pictures really do speak louder than words, so this entry is really all about the photos (in large parts thanks to Kat/Sandy's amazing camera)
Great conditions = Tim getting us very close to the peaks

First up, our amazing 'flight see' over the Monarch mountains:
You don't get more 'BC' than this

Seen from the air, a glacier really is a river of ice

Properly pristine glaciers

I'm loving the fire
Next was our trip back to the 'big smoke' of Vancouver.  Our final camp was by the glacial blue Chilcotin River, with requisite Canadian campfire.  And then we descended from the Chilcotin plateau.  You can see the Fraser river cutting through the dry grassy hills of the Cariboo, very different from our usual mountain forest home...

Reminded me of the African 'veld'

Don't worry, I didn't lose my lower legs
But, gradually, we wound our way back to our 'home range' of the Coast Mountains, past the stunning Duffey Lake, with a late evening drive along our 'home fjord' of Howe Sound unable to resist a final swim in Marble Canyon on the way home).  
A basically pretty amaze-balls trip.  

Wins over our old approach home down the M1
Ridiculously clear water

We then had only 12 working days till our next trip, back to London to check out how well 'spruced' it had been ahead of the 2012 Olympics... 

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