Monday, 14 November 2011

Running and stuff

Those of you who have had to listen to me drone on about training plans, learning to swim, running injuries etc over the last couple of years might be slightly interested to find out what I'm doing exercise wise this side of the pond.  So just in case you are...

November 13th
There are hundreds of kilometres of criss crossing trails in the mountains just behind our apartment.  We go trail running most weekends, normally separately but sometimes together (when Mark needs a nice slow run and I just about hang on...).  The trails are a mix of even gravelly dog walking friendly, to terrifying mountain bike route descents where I just try to stay on my feet.  I've got up to about 2hours of trail running now and hoping to increase this to be able to run a 20 mile ish trail race next year.  

Also joined a friendly downtown running club, run 11km every Thursday night with them, some of them are pretty quick ultra-runners so will hopefully speed me up!

Just started back at this at my local pool.  Wasn't as terrible as thought might be and at least now, following my swim training last winter, I know what I'm doing wrong...

View from top of Cypress Mt, now open for skiing!
My beloved racer bike has not seen as much of the area as she should have done.  Main obstacle being frequent heavy rain which makes for a) less enjoyable and b) less safe cycling.  Have had some great long outings, highlight was a couple of weeks ago, climbing the 1000m or so to the top of Cypress Mountain (where they hosted the least snowy bit of the Winter Olympics) in glorious sunshine.  And just about avoided hypothermia on the free ride down. 

Strength training
My city centre winter training hero
Mark is running a mini ski preparation strength training session every Wednesday.  Bit like BMF except I can take the piss out of the instructor more.  Three of us normally train on Wednesdays, but last week I did the session on my own with Mark's instructions.  Felt a bit Rocky-esque as my nearest park to work overlooks the harbour area with skyscrapers in the background.  Sadly not yet Rocky-esque in my abilities.

Skiing, snow shoeing, ski touring...
Have got ski passes to Seymour Mountain (any Vancouverite you mention that to says 'oh yeah, Seymour, I learnt to ski there at elementary school' so it's about our ability level) and it should open in about 10 days.  So watch this space!  (And the very beginner slope even has a magic walkway so don't have to get on a chairlift yet!)

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  1. Nick, Am too doing thurs night 11km running club runs, tho obv not quite as exciting in Ox as in Van, great minds and all that! :P
    Take lots of kit to descend on the bike, many pairs of gloves are need in particular, I discovered this pretty rapidly in the Alps last year.
    Want to come out to learn to trail run!!! Sounds amazing!
    Love to you both
    Nicky S x