Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Northern lights but no more bears yet...

Just before I met the other climbing widows

Spent Friday night and Saturday in Squamish, one of the world's most lusted after climbing destinations. Mark got trashed on boulder problems in the forest, I hiked and met two other climbing widows, awesome! 

Deep thought then 30sec of activity
Whilst listening to tales from the climbers who've moved to squamish for the summer (how do they afford it we wondered? Apparently the local homeless shelter doesn't ask too many questions re meals and showers provided you don't mind the used needles) we spotted some weirdly lit up dancing clouds.  On closer inspection not a laser show in the wilderness but the northern lights! Mainly green and yellow and pretty far but spell binding nonetheless.

Sunday was spent capsizing in the cold sea learning how to rescue one another, actually easier than it sounds once you get over the fear of going in.  So when you all come and visit we'll be perfect paddling companions!

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  1. Hey Nick, still enjoying your updates even if they do make me super jealous! Keep them coming. Mark mentioned something about there being some granite or something in Squmish, so maybe see you soon, haha! Brownie x

    p.s. belated happy birthday!